Three QLD Companies Advance in Australia’s AI Sprint 

The Queensland AI Hub are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable achievements of three pioneering Queensland AI companies—Defining Future Solutions, Ecoence, and VisionHQ—who have successfully progressed to stage two of Australia’s AI Sprint.

This prestigious program is a collaboration between the National AI Centre (through CSIRO), Stone & Chalk, and Google Cloud, aimed at transforming innovative AI technology into sustainable businesses.

The three Queensland companies are:

Defining Future Solutions: Revolutionizing Safety with AI

Founded by David Small, Defining Future Solutions is making significant strides in enhancing safety through their AI-integrated downlight and smoke alarm system. David’s motivation stems from the tragic house fire in Logan in 2011 that claimed 11 lives. Their mission is clear: save lives through advanced AI technology. By participating in the AI Sprint, Defining Future Solutions will receive invaluable support from Google Cloud AI experts and deeper AI training to further their humanitarian mission.

Ecoence: Securing the Future of Saffron Cultivation

Ecoence, an innovative spin-off from Saffronice, is set to transform the saffron industry using AI and machine learning. After six years of rigorous market research and development, Ecoence has developed a diverse traceability system that employs blockchain to ensure the authenticity of saffron. Their AI-driven approach promises to stabilize and bring transparency to the saffron market, creating jobs and fostering economic growth. The AI Sprint will provide Ecoence with critical business mentoring, including go-to-market strategies and PR, positioning Australia as a leader in saffron production.

VisionHQ: Enhancing Airport Operations with AI

Brisbane-based VisionHQ is an emerging leader in AI and computer vision, focusing on real-time data analytics for airport operations. Their aircraft turnaround management system uses cutting-edge AI to analyse key metrics in ground handling, offering airport users rich insights to improve decision-making and predict potential delays. This innovation aims to enhance operational efficiency, safety, and passenger experience, while reducing costs and delays. VisionHQ’s advancement to stage two of the AI Sprint will offer them access to investor and corporate partner networks, crucial for bringing their solution to market.

As part of the AI Sprint’s second stage, these companies will receive comprehensive support, including:

  • Mentorship from Google Cloud AI experts
  • Advanced AI training
  • Business mentoring and guidance on go-to-market strategies
  • Networking opportunities with investors and corporate partners
  • A platform to showcase their solutions at the Demo Day

The Queensland AI Hub are immensely proud of Defining Future Solutions, Ecoence, and VisionHQ. Their achievements reflect the growing strength and global competitiveness of Queensland’s AI community. We look forward to supporting their journeys and witnessing the positive impact they will make in their respective fields.

Congratulations to all founders for their exceptional progress and for setting an inspiring example for the entire AI community in Queensland and beyond. Keep innovating, and together, let’s continue to make Queensland a beacon of AI excellence.

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