QLD’s biggest artificial intelligence summit is back.


Queensland’s biggest artificial intelligence summit is returning to Brisbane this September. Last year saw Open.AI, Google, Fast.AI and Canva take the stage. In 2024, we’ve curated a powerful series of international keynote presentations and expert speakers on the edge of AI.

The rush for tickets in 2023 left hundreds of people on the waitlist with the event selling out. Ensure you’re part of the experience this year.


Qld AI SUMMIT details

Friday 20 September 2024


Brisbane Convention Centre

A limited number of discounted $99 pre-sale tickets are on sale now.
P.S. Tickets will jump to $249. Secure your spot at a 60% discount before they go on sale to the general public.


Experience the future firsthand at the QLD AI Summit.

the next frontier

quantum computing

Understand how quantum computing is poised to revolutionize AI. Learn about the synergy between these two cutting-edge fields, where quantum computers can solve complex problems exponentially faster, leading to breakthroughs in AI algorithms, optimization, and processing power.

Enhancing Experiences

ai in everyday life

See how AI is seamlessly integrating into our daily lives, enhancing human experiences. From the latest gen AI products, to personalized recommendations and healthcare innovations, discover the myriad ways AI is making life more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable.. 

fuelling innovation

ai driven startups

Uncover the role of AI in fueling innovation within startups. Understand how emerging companies are leveraging AI to disrupt traditional markets, create new products, and gain competitive advantages. Gain insights from successful AI-driven startups and their journeys.


ai for business

With ChatGPT being the fastest growing app in history, and generative AI becoming a household name, the AI movement is coming towards us like an autonomous freight train. Join us for a deep-dive on the latest tech and hype trends that are reshaping industries and transforming businesses across the globe.


gen + creative ai

Explore how Generative AI is revolutionizing creativity and innovation across industries. Discover cutting-edge applications, from art and music to product design and content creation, and learn how AI-driven marketing tools are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, fostering unprecedented levels of innovation and efficiency.

future of ai training


Discover the transformative potential of self-supervised learning in AI training. This approach allows AI systems to learn from vast amounts of unlabelled data, drastically reducing the need for human intervention and paving the way for more advanced and autonomous AI capabilities.

Are tickets limited?

Due to venue capacity, tickets to this summit are strictly limited. We expect tickets to sell out. To avoid disappointment we advise purchasing tickets early.

Where is the summit being held?

The summit will be held at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Glenelg St, South Brisbane. 

Is the venue accessible?

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) strives to provide safe, equitable and inclusive access for all visitors. The BCEC Access Guide has information on accessing the building and services and can be viewed here.

Is there an opportunity to present?

This event is not accepting speaker EOIs. 

Can I volunteer?

There are limited amount of student volunteer positions available. To register your interest, please email info@qldaihub.com 

World Leading Speakers, Venue, and Networking at The Summit.

✅ Qld AI Summit Ticket (valued at $249)
✅ Full networking lunch (valued at $59)
✅ Exclusive international keynotes
✅ Catered coffee breaks
✅ Expert panel sessions
✅ Facilitated industry networking
✅ Interactive Q&A with keynote speaker
✅ Afterparty ticket (valued at $59)
✅ Bar tab + canapes at afterparty