QLD’s biggest artificial intelligence summit in Brisbane 22 September 2023.




Google's Cloud Chief Technologist



Dr Kim Oosthuizen

Chief Innovation Officer

Dr Olivier Salvado

Senior Principal Research Scientist

Simon Lucey

Product Owner

Sam James

Product Lead

Annabel Blake

DESIGN Researcher AI



With ChatGPT being the fastest growing app in history, and generative AI becoming a household name, the AI movement is coming towards us like an autonomous freight train. Join us for a deep-dive on the latest tech and hype trends that are reshaping industries and transforming businesses across the globe.



With the rate and scale that AI is progressing, the need to innovate your workforce and reskill your employees has never been more vital. What does a completely AI-enabled workforce look like? We discuss the impact AI will have across all industry sectors in Queensland, no matter where you work. 



How do government and industry work together to create policies that balance the ethics and governance of AI – and can they really do it in time? We’ll discuss the world-leading frameworks for AI adoption, and the ethics debate that is challenging society by simultaneously improving and disrupting humanity as we know it.


SEPTEMBER 22, 2023


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11:00AM - Sign in and Fuel Up

Embark on your QLD AI Summit journey with a light lunch and a chance to connect with industry peers and visionary thought leaders. Registration will open from 11:00AM. A light lunch will be provided.

12:15PM - Welcome

Welcome to Country – Shannon Ruska and Marawa Ruska
Join us as we officially commence the QLD AI Summit, setting the tone for the day of knowledge sharing and innovation.

12:45PM - Using AI to to connect the broken links with Jamila Gordon, Founder of Lumachain

In this keynote, you will hear about Jamila’s amazing journey from civil war, to starting a tech startup in Australia that is on a mission to solve a massive worldwide problem with the help of artificial intelligence.

Born in Somalia, Jamila Gordon was forced to work from the age of fiv e, rather than getting an education. At 18, she escaped the Somali civil war alone and found her way to Kenya and then on to Australia. Jamila set about learning English and then studied IT at La Trobe University, before commencing a career that has taken her around the world. Jamila is the founder and CEO of Lumachain, a software-as-a-service start-up company that uses blockchain technology, IoT and AI to find and track items in the food supply chain which could be unethically sourced or the product of forced labour. Jamila has previously worked as Chief Information Officer at Quantas, and as an Executive at IBM Europe.

1:15PM - Industry Panel Discussion - How disruptive technologies impacts entire industries.

As we stand on the cusp of a new era, the convergence of cutting-edge research, evolving policy landscapes, and transformative technological advancements promises to reshape industries in ways presently unimaginable. In this session, our distinguished panel of experts will delve into the heart of innovation, and the seismic shifts that await us on the horizon.

Dr Samantha Horseman – Head of Innovation Labs James Cook University
Dr Brent Richards – Co-Founder IntelliHQ
Dr Kim Oosthuizen – Chief Innovation Officer SAP
Dr Olivier Salvado – Lead, AI for Missions at CSIRO’s Data61

1:50PM - Base Camp I

Take a well-deserved break to recharge and network with fellow attendees.

2:15PM - Deep Learning with Jeremy Howard, Co-founder of Fast.ai

Jeremy is an Australian data scientist, entrepreneur, and educator. He co-founded fast.ai, where he teaches introductory courses, develops software, and builds community to make deep learning as accessible as possible. Previously he founded and led Fastmail, Optimal Decisions Group, and Enlitic. He was President and Chief Scientist of Kaggle. In this session we will go beneath the surface and uncover more technical aspects of AI/ML and learn from one of Australia’s leading minds in the industry.

2:40PM - The New Era of AI Leadership with Natalie Piucco, CTO - Google Cloud

Natalie Piucco is a Google “Born-in-the-Cloud” Chief Technology Officer. She is an expert in AI and data strategy and is often referred to as a “human API,” given her track record as a connector of big ideas to Alphabet’s innovative technologies. Natalie has helped six Google product teams bring new technologies to market across Pixel hardware, Google Photos, Go Language, Chrome and Google Workspace through her role as a commercialization leader.

3:05PM - A New Odyssey: Startups & Products

As the next tech revolution begins, meet founders and product leaders who are already harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to build and launch new products and companies. This panel will focus on the vast opportunities that exist with AI and uncover how the biggest tech companies in Australia are building new features and improving existing products with AI.

With: Gavin Lenton, Product Lead VALD
Annabel Blake, Principal Design Researcher AI at Canva
Thomas Stenning – Product Owner at Splash AI
Dren Xërxa, Program Director Queensland AI Hub

3:40PM - Base Camp II

Take a 15 minute tea and biscuit break to recharge before the final Keynote

4:15PM - Towards AGI with Zack Kass – Head of GTM Open AI

Direct from OpenAI in California, is Zack Kass – the brains behind OpenAI’s GTM product strategies. Zack is a highly respected figure in the field of tech and innovation. As Head of GTM, Kass is responsible for developing and executing OpenAl’s go-to-market strategy, working closely with key stakeholders to identify new opportunities and drive growth. Kass spends his time consulting Fortune 1000 C suite, politicians, and other global leaders on their Al strategies; and he has presented in dozens of board meetings. He believes the future is full of hope and abundance, but it’s dependent on the safe and effective adoption of Al.

5:30PM - Descent from the Peak

Reflect on the day’s incredible insights and accomplishments as we draw the QLD AI Summit 2023 to a close.

5:35PM - QLD AI Summit 2023 Wrap Party

Afterparty tickets sold separately. Details and location announced soon.

Are tickets limited?

Due to venue capacity, tickets to this summit are strictly limited. We expect tickets to sell out. To avoid disappointment we advise purchasing tickets early.

Where is the summit being held?

The summit will be held at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Glenelg St, South Brisbane. 

Is the venue accessible?

Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) strives to provide safe, equitable and inclusive access for all visitors. The BCEC Access Guide has information on accessing the building and services and can be viewed here.

Is there an opportunity to present?

This event is not accepting speaker EOIs. 

Can I volunteer?

There are limited amount of student volunteer positions available. To register your interest, please email info@qldaihub.com