Partners Perks

We partner with some of the biggest names in tech to help you on your way.

Our Partner Perks are with some of the biggest companies in tech to provide free services and support for startups in our community. When you’re a member of the AI Hub Programs or our coworking space, you don’t just get access to facilities, events and community – but you can benefit from the generous partner perks outlined below.

As a startup who’s part of the AI Hub community, you’re eligible for the following AWS benefits: $5,000 USD in AWS Activate Credits valid for 2 years, and 24/7 access to AWS Cloud Support Engineers for up to 1 year

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub provides cloud credits to build on Azure without restrictive timelines. As your startup grows, the number of free Azure credits you receive grows with you, so you can save money and develop at your own pace. Get from $1k Azure credits for ideation, up to $150k for scale.

Whether you’re creating a subscription service, marketplace, or e-commerce store, Stripe’s payments platform helps you build and scale your business online. As a startup affiliated with the QLD AI HUB, Stripe will waive the processing fees of your first $10,000 AUD worth of transactions processed on Stripe – and give you priority beta and special event access.

If you’re a QLD AI HUB member, and a startup with under $2 mil funding, you are eligible for up to 90% off Hubspot software in your first year, 50% off in your second, and 25% off ongoing.

If your startup has already raised over $2 million in named funding up to and including Series A, you’re eligible for up to 50% discount in year one, and 25% off ongoing.

We believe that Miro can help startup teams collaborate faster and more clearly, inspire new ideas during interactive meetings, and design products that keep user research front and centre.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Miro to be part of their Startups Program, meaning all of our startups new to Miro will get $1,000 in credits to grow their business.

Kinde is the infrastructure that every SaaS team needs to build, launch and get to market faster. Powerful and secure infrastructure for authentication, user management, release management, feature flags, experimentation, commerce, and billing. Sign up to Kinde via QLD AI Hub and get $5,000 USD in Kinde Credit and free access for 5,000 monthly active users of your product.

Zendesk gives you the tools you need to deliver a better experience for your customers and prospects. Join the Zendesk for Startups program with your QLD AI HUB partner referral code and recieve six months of Zendesk Suite and Zendesk Sales CRM for free!

Plus, access online office hours with our startups success team, invites to partner and community events.

As part of Google Cloud for Startups, you can get financial, business, and technology support, including your first year of Google Cloud and Firebase usage covered with credits up to $100,000. Plus, in year two get 20% of Google Cloud and Firebase usage covered, up to an additional $100,000 in credits* (& more!)

Airwallex’s Global Accounts feature helps businesses set up US, UK and Europe bank accounts at the click of a button, with zero extra paperwork, so you can easily sell overseas and collect in the local currency. QLD AI Hub has partnered with Airwallex so our startups can get their first $20,000 of foreign exchange free – that’s 0% margin, $0 sign up and $0 ongoing monthly fees.

Twilio is a developer platform for communications. Software teams use Twilio APIs to add capabilities like voice, video, and messaging to their applications. Qld AI Hub Members get $50,000 in Segment credits that last 1 year, an additional year of credits if you still qualify, then a year at a 50% discount, then 1 year at a 25% discount.

Jasper is the AI Content Platform that helps you and your team break through creative blocks to create amazing, original content faster. As a startup that’s part of the QLD AI Hub community, you’re eligible for a bonus of 10,000 credits (on top of the 10,000 credits already offered) when you sign up for Jasper.

The QLD AI Hub has partnered with Notion to offer our Startup community 6 months of free Notion towards a Plus Plan. You’ll get 6 months of free Notion towards a Plus Plan, plus unlimited AI for 6 months (usually $10 per member per month!)

The TorFX Partner Program provides startups and SMEs with access to a leading and globally recognised International Foreign Exchange (FX) and Payments Provider.

To learn more about the typical transactions that TorFX can help with, and the partner benefits that you can use as part of your QLD AI HUB membership, get in touch today.


Cake supercharges companies equity, making it simple and fast, and freeing CEOs up to concentrate on what matters most, not pushing paper around and dealing with ASIC. If you’re an AI Hub member, you’ll receive a 50% discount for Cake’s products and services for the first year, so you can kick start your equity journey with more bucks in your back pocket!