Brisbane, Australia – March 28,2024

Queensland AI Hub, the pioneering force behind fostering collaboration among businesses, government bodies, and research institutions to advance the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, proudly announces the successful startups for the second cohort of its LaunchAI pre-accelerator program.

After a competitive application process that garnered over 75 applications from across the state, the Qld AI Hub has curated a cohort of promising early-stage AI startups that are looking to make an impact within a range of industries.

Now in its second year, the LaunchAI pre-accelerator is designed to empower founders in discovering, activating, and launching AI products to market. Made up of 5 intensive workshops, personalised 1:1 mentoring, and coaching sessionns led by Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, AI experts and investors, the program provides participants with the necessary tools and guidance to transform innovative ideas into scalable ventures.

“We were blown away with the amount of interest this year with 75 applications submitted for the program. That’s 75 early-stage founders in Queensland that are ready to validate and accelerate new AI products to market. It’s interest like this that really shows how the Queensland AI Hub community has evolved over the past two years,” remarked Ms. Toni Peggrem, CEO of Queensland AI Hub.

“I’m thrilled to unveil the exceptional lineup of startups selected for the LaunchAI pre-accelerator program,” continued Ms. Peggrem. 

“These founders represent the vanguard of Queensland’s AI industry, and we are committed to supporting them with the resources, education and connections needed to catalyze their growth and success.”

The 11 successful participants of the LaunchAI pre-accelerator program are:

  • BeeSafe: BeeSafe is an innovative agtech solution that integrates AI and ML algorithms to monitor and protect the Australian honey bee population, utilising predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent potential threats to bee colonies and ensure the sustainability of the pollination industry.
  • Starbound Space Solutions: Leveraging AI and ML technologies, Starbound Space Solutions automates the generation and management of engineering compliance documentation for the space industry, streamlining processes and ensuring regulatory adherence with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.
  • Wise Racer: Wise Racer’s platform incorporates AI-powered coaching algorithms that analyse athletes’ performance data to provide personalised training plans and real-time feedback, optimising training sessions and enhancing competitive performance.
  • Superfly Wallpapers: Superfly Wallpapers utilises AI algorithms to interpret customer prompts and preferences, generating customised wide-format wallpapers and graphics with precision and efficiency, catering to individual tastes and design requirements.
  • NeuroFire: NeuroFire employs advanced AI and ML techniques to accelerate AI model training and inference processes while significantly reducing power consumption, enabling more efficient and sustainable AI deployment across various applications and industries.
  • NUVC: NUVC employs AI algorithms to analyse vast amounts of venture capital data, facilitating intelligent matchmaking between investors and founders based on compatibility and investment preferences, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the fundraising process.
  • ScriptoAI: ScriptoAI integrates natural language processing (NLP) and ML capabilities to automate report-writing tasks for allied health clinicians, extracting key insights from patient data and generating comprehensive, high-quality reports with minimal manual intervention.
  •’s AI-powered human resources copilot utilises ML algorithms to provide tailored HR advice and recommendations, leveraging data-driven insights to assist businesses in navigating complex HR challenges and optimising workforce management strategies.
  • Soulbotix: Soulbotix’s human-like avatars are powered by advanced AI and natural language understanding (NLU) algorithms, enabling them to engage in lifelike conversations with users, respond to queries, and perform tasks with human-like intelligence and empathy.
  • Alpha Tales: Alpha Tales leverages AI and ML technologies to rapidly translate business ideas into high-quality software code, automating repetitive coding tasks and accelerating the software development lifecycle for SMEs and early-stage startups.
  • Notes+∞: Notes+∞ employs AI-driven algorithms to analyse and prioritise tasks, intelligently organising information and streamlining cognitive processes, allowing users to maximise productivity and focus on high-value activities.

Founder of Notes+∞ (Notes Plus Infinity), Mei Brough-Smyth, said she was over the moon to be accepted into the program and was looking forward to connecting with other founders and taking her product to the next level.

“I was absolutely floored when I heard I was accepted into LaunchAI. My app is so experimental and unlike anything consumer technology has seen before. I’m looking forward to being in a community of like-minded and passionate founders and mentors, in such an exciting and burgeoning field of technology, at this time in history“ – Brough-Smyth said.

The LaunchAI pre-accelerator program will culminate in a high-profile demo night at The Precinct, where startups will showcase their AI solutions to potential investors, VCs, and the broader innovation ecosystem.

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