After an overwhelming amount of applications, the Queensland AI Hub is proud to announce the 10 startups that have been selected for the Launch AI cohort for 2023.

Launch AI is the Queensland AI Hub’s new pre-accelerator for early-stage startups, with participants completing 4 fortnightly workshops with topics such as;

  • Customer Discovery and Validation
  • AI Discovery and Execution
  • Launching their MVP
  • Pitch Prep and Capital Raising

This pre-accelerator program will finish with a demo night at The Precinct. Register for Demo Night tickets here.



VisionHQ – Robin Lin [Founder]

Robin Lin is the founder and CEO of Fleetway and Vision HQ, software companies that focus on providing IoT solutions that connect camera vision primarily on waste trucks. After Fleetway’s success, it was opportune to look further into AI/smart solutions and smart cities, thus Vision HQ was created.

DefenceX – Ross Newman [Founder]

Ross is a seasoned embedded developer with over 30 years of experience working in the telecoms and defence industries. In recent years, Ross has founded an SME called DefenceX, which specializes in supporting the software development of military ground vehicles. His passion for innovation and commitment to excellence make him an exceptional leader and an invaluable asset to the defence industry.

Rivers of Babel – Leo Lloyd [Founder]

Rivers of Babel comes from a need of learning languages with ease, after being a part of many multicultural communities. Leo is a Mechanical Engineer and has experience in translating, full-stack software engineering and artificial intelligence.

Netix – Matthew Lee [Founder]

Matthew is a Data Scientist with 6 years of experience in building AI applications. He has worked with many AI Startups such as, SmartAIConnect, Datawre and more, building medical and vision AI systems. As a part of Launch AI, Matthew hopes to take his research in interpretability and use it to productionise AI analysis of brain MRIs. – Jegar Pitchforth and Jac Davis [Co-founders]

Dr. Jegar Pitchforth is a Data Scientist, combining complex digital sources and analysing them using statistical modelling to provide actionable business insights. Now Jegar brings that experience to developing products that apply statistics to a range of markets to help businesses in all industries get the most out of their data.

Dr. Jac Davis is a behavioural Data Scientist studying how humans interact with their environment. Jac has developed a set of scientific and statistical methods that she has used to study human behaviour in a wide range of environments around the world. Now Jac brings her scientific and statistical methods to the study of how humans interact with commercial environments, seeing the market as another type of complex ecological system.

Fantasy Faces – Rees Pawson [Founder]

Rees is fasinated by the intersection of user and techology. He is focusing on the problems that people are having and is realising the true value of AI. Fantasy Faces helps players of tabletop role playing games, such as, Dungeons and Dragons, create personal and exciting characters through custom artworks and character backstories with the support of AI systems.


Bidhive – Nyree McKenzie and Aaron Goode [Founders]

As the co-founder and CEO of bid management software platform Bidhive, Nyree is on a mission to digitise procurement bidding using best practice frameworks and AI-enabled tools to make the process more efficient, less costly and more effective for predicting win probability.  

Drawing upon his industrial design skills, Aaron works on business process mapping, product design and UI for the Bidhive platform.  aron brings a strong understanding of corporate governance and compliance reporting requirements, which are key considerations to incorporate into the Bidhive platform.


EasyAI Studio – Yupin Detkoboot and Mike McMahon [Founders]

Yupin is the co-founder and CEO of Easy AI Studio, a startup that streamlines the video content creation process for businesses. Born and raised in Thailand, Yupin learned to code in Python during the COVID pandemic when her catering job was shut down. 

Mike is the co-founder and CTO of Easy AI Studio. With over 10 years of experience in online marketing, Mike is focused on making the power of generative AI accessible and easy. He believes that AI is a game-changing productivity tool and is excited to help businesses harness its potential for success.

AskFelix – Thor Berg [Founder]

Meet Thor Berg, the COO/CCO of AskFelix! Originally from Sweden, he now calls Brisbane his second home. With a Bachelor of Business Management from The University of Queensland and a Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Lund University, Thor has a passion for data and analytics and wants to revolutionize the way organizations utilize it. 

Koverd – Alok Nabi [Founder]

Alok is the co-founder and CTO of Koverd, an insurtech startup that is revolutionizing the way customers interact with insurance. He has over 10 years of experience as an engineer and a technology leader. Alok is passionate about building scalable and elastic solutions that solve real-world problems and create value for users.


Find out more about Launch AI here.