The Queensland AI Hub is proud to support the Indigenous Australian Datathon taking place in Cairns 3-5 November. Through the datathon, participants will work within groups to create and pitch a solution, using one of the data-sets provided to develop innovative community-centric Artificial Intelligence and Big Data solutions.

Together with Traditional Owners knowledge and practices, Indigenous communities and Traditional Owners, technologists, data professionals, entrepreneurs and students will solve real community problems and reshape future opportunities for Indigenous Communnities.

Following on from last years datathon success of 53 participants, inclusive of 14 organisations, the datathon is working to share and educate participants and partners on traditional and digital technologies. The datathon is a great opporutnity to understand traditional techniques, culture and stories shared by our traditional owner and First Nations participants. In return, technical experts will be able to share their own knowledge on digital applications and innovation to collaborate on ways the teams can translate this knowledge back into the community.

The IAD aims to develop AI literacy and adoption within the Indigenous, regional and rural communities. Join the datathon to build technology-driven solutions for Indigenous community challenges in Australia.

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