C-Suite Executive AI Workshop: Limited Spaces Available

Deploying and Governing Trustworthy AI Applications

This two-hour workshop aims to equip executives and business leaders with essential knowledge about deploying and managing AI systems responsibly and ethically, blending conceptual understanding with practical insights. 

This workshop is designed to enable business leaders to make informed decisions about AI deployment and governance in their organisations, fostering the application of AI systems, which is not only effective but also responsible and ethical. 


  • Face-to-Face Workshop
  • 2 hours
  • Workshop date: 1 May 10AM – 12PM
  • Price: $200 ex-GST
  • Attendees: C-Suite Executive Only

Workshops Topics:

⚡ Principles of Trustworthy AI

Defining trustworthy AI, ethical AI frameworks, risk management in AI

⚡ Strategies for AI Deployment

Aligning AI with business strategy, AI project lifecycle, case studies

 ⚡ Governance of AI Applications

Governance frameworks, regulatory compliance, ongoing monitoring and evaluation

⚡ Open Discussion and Q&A

Whats included?

🌀 Expert Workshops
Learn from leading industry experts in tech and business.

🌀 Interactive Sessions
Engage in interactive sessions that faciliate collaborative learning and discussion among participants

🌀 Networking Opportunities
Connect with peers and industry who share a common interest in AI deployment and governance. An optional lunch will be organised after the workshop

How to Register

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Secure your ticket today. Spaces are limited to 20 people for this workshop

Who is it for?

💡 This workshop is not intended for technical practitioners or entry-level staff; rather, it is tailored for high-level decision-makers who hold strategic roles within their organisations and are responsible for overseeing AI initiatives

Where is it delivered?

📍 QLD AI Hub, 315 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006

Participants have to join in-person to attend the program.

More questions?

📭 There are only 20 seats available for this cohort.

Reach out to our Community Manager at info@qldaihub.com if you have any questions.

This program is delivered by the Queensland AI Hub’s founding member, KJR

KJR is an Australian Software Quality Engineering Consultancy and a leading practitioner in Responsible AI implementation.

Founded on over 26 years of experience in quality assurance and verification, KJR has always understood the importance of managing IT risk and especially do so now with the steady maturation of various emerging technologies.

We recognise the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and see the specific challenges these technologies pose to traditional forms of quality assurance. We have harnessed our expertise to develop practical approaches to assuring compliant and successful deployments of AI solutions.

The QLD AI Hub brings business, government and research together through AI programs and events. Our aim is to accelerate AI adoption and capability development, improve productivity, and support job generation and economic growth.

The QLD AI Hub is building Australia’s AI industry to be innovative, sustainable, and globally competitive.