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QLD AI Hub Cairns: AI Literacy Series

April 24 @ 4:30 pm December 6 @ 6:00 pm

The launch of the Cairns AI Hub’s AI Literacy Series marks a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering AI skills and tools among its members and guests, thereby enhancing their professional development journey. This engaging and comprehensive summary encapsulates the essence and ambitions of the series, based on the detailed plans and presentations provided. As an AI hub we have embarked on an ambitious program spanning ten meticulously designed workshops, each focusing on a unique intersection of AI technology with various professional domains. This series aims to equip participants with the knowledge and tools to leverage AI in their fields, from marketing and legal landscapes to healthcare and environmental conservation by integrating the collective genius we have within our local Cairns chapter and JCU. See below AI Agents contributing to the success of our AI Literacy Series.

At a glance……

  • Workshop 1: Thursday March 21st
    • Session: Developing a Robust Marketing Strategy through Gen AI
    • Theme: AI + Marketing Excellence
    • Omer Bernstein, CoFounder, Mindesigns
  • Workshop 2: Wednesday April 24th
    • Session:  Navigating the Legal Landscape: Gen AI and Intellectual Property
    • Theme: AI + Intellectual Property
    • Donna Patane, Founder, Dripl, TNQ Angel Investor, Industrial Growth Program Advisor
  • Workshop 3: Thursday May 23rd
    • Session: How is Gen AI shifting the workforce of the Future?
    • Theme: AI + Workforce of the Future
    • Lisa Monks, Founder, ChipMonk Media, Digital Media Strategist
  • Workshop 4: Friday June 28
    • Session: Discovering Mathematical Magic  Through exploring the Math behind Generative AI
    • Theme: GenAI + Mathematical formulas behind the algorithms
    • Aidan Possemiers, CoFounder, Executive Team, Tensorworks
  • Workshop 5:  Friday July 26
    • Session: Building the Future: Revolutionizing Construction with AI
    • Theme: AI + Construction Industry
    • Shane Gilbert, Founder, Test-Lab 360
  • Workshop 6:  Thursday August 29
    • Session: Navigating the Depths: AI, Robotics, and the Future of Underwater Exploration
    • Theme: AI + Robotics and UAV
    • Adam Cropp, Founder, Teleportal
  • Workshop 7:  Thursday Sept 26
    • Session: Empowering Healthcare Innovation: Practical AI Applications from Theory to Practice
    • Theme: AI + Healthcare and Medical Imaging
    • Adam Jacobson, Founder, Annalise and Dr. Eujoon (Osmond) Ahn
  • Workshop 8:  Thursday October 31
    • Session: : Sky to Screen: Harnessing AI, Drones, and GIS for Earth Observation
    • Theme: AI + Data, Drones and GIS
    • Dr Karen Joyce, Co – Founder, GeoNadir
  • Workshop 9:  Thursday November 29
    • Session: AI for Social Good: Empowering NGOs and NFPs through Technology
    • Theme: AI + Social Impact – NGO/NFP
    • Dr Shane Pointing, Founder, FractL Cairns Science and Productionsand Tomas Jensen, Founder, Parent Pilot
  • Workshop 10:  Friday Dec 6th End of Year Celebration – AI Music Festival
    • Session: AI Beats: the role of AI in music-showcasing examples of generated music and discussing the technology behind it
    • Theme: AI + Creatives – generated music using AI (DJ Mic Black and team of creatives)
    • Mic Black, CoFounder, Rainstick

Enhance your Professional Development

The AI Literacy Series by Cairns AI Hub stands as a pioneering effort to demystify AI technology, making it accessible and applicable across a wide range of professional fields. Through engaging, hands-on workshops led by experts in the field, participants will not only gain a deeper understanding of AI but also develop practical skills to apply in their careers.

Each workshop is designed to highlight the transformative potential of AI, encouraging innovation, efficiency, and a forward-thinking approach in various industries.

Register yourself, your team, or your Company:

The Cairns AI Hub AI Literacy Series is set to be a transformative journey for its members and guests, offering a unique opportunity to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. By participating in this series, individuals will be well-equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by AI in their professional domains, fostering a community of well-informed, skilled professionals ready to leverage AI for growth, innovation, and social good.

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