Changing the Medical Landscape with AI 

Launched in late 2020, Datarwe connects hospitals, researchers, clinicians, and developers with curated enriched data through their Clinical Data Nexus (CDN). 

Imagine a comprehensive data library of cleansed, labelled, and validated real-world clinical data. Data you can sort through and make sense of using artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML). Whether you’re working on an innovation or researching how to best launch a new product into the wider community, this data can assist you in making informed choices on a whole other level.  

The above is exactly what Datarwe provides you with through their CDN.  

While using AIML in medicine and science is nothing new, Datarwe is the first company in the world to host de-identified patient data from Queensland Health, totalising more than 13M+ episode hours with the inclusion of international available data sets.  

The CDN is furthermore the first multimodal data platform designed to capture, process and generate actionable insights from medical data to reduce the translation gap between clinical research implementation and healthcare outcomes.  

The team is united by the challenge of revolutionising medicine through enhanced real world clinical data access. They are working together with the healthcare industry to increase the adoption of medical AI innovation to the patient bedside and beyond. 

CEO Steve Woodyatt says, “We engage with clinicians, healthcare system operators and executives, researchers, AI/ML developers and the med-tech and pharma community. By working together in the CDN collaborative environment, our partners achieve far greater technology and performance outcomes more quickly and cost-effectively than would be possible if undertaking those same activities in isolation.”  

CTO Kelvin Ross adds, “The CDN enables clinicians and medical researchers to more rapidly collaborate in the development of next generation AI clinical diagnostic tools and technologies.” 

What fuels the team isn’t just a desire to provide a solution that helps the healthcare industry cut costs and improve efficiency. The real inspiration is patient care according to Woodyatt, “By combining de-identified patient data with advanced analytics, the CDN is giving [users] the capability to make evidence-based changes in their healthcare practices, driving better outcomes at the individual patient level. Overall, the CDN is working to achieve personalised medicine.” 

Woodyatt, when asked about the future of AIML said, “The future is already here.” However, he also mentioned that, “The future of healthcare is in AI and ML tools to unlock novel insights from complex patient data and create advanced accurate clinical decision support.“  

It certainly seems that Datarwe is going to be part of that future. Having launched as recently as 2020, the company already has 24 employees spread out across Australia and WA. 

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