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    JPL Media is a Gold Coast based company providing digital solutions since 2007.

    Our core business is using automation to compress the workflow associated with creating, distributing, managing, securing & analysing video content.

    We provide AI tools to turn video libraries into dynamic assets that empower users by improving access, gaining insights, saving resources and standardising quality. We help to curate & transform video content for enterprises, educational institutions and government and we enable AI as a value creator for business events by completing routine event tasks such as planning, marketing, operations and analytics in near real time.

    We enable government, civic and municipal organizations to automate essential public access and accessibility features, and the internal review of video data to deliver better programs and services to their constituents, while maintaining compliance with digital regulations. We provide secure video analytics and search features to enable proactive dissemination and cataloguing of public information for citizens and regulatory bodies whilst maintaining support compliance with FOIA requests, WCAG compliance and operational security standards.