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    Envir.AI was founded in 2020 by two data geeks who are passionate about artificial intelligence and solving big problems with a relentless focus.

    Biodiversity is an important contributor to conservation and environmental policy. Camera trapping is an essential tool in biodiversity monitoring because it allows remote monitoring of fauna in natural habitats. Camera trap surveys, while efficient and cost-effective, create a backlog of images to analyse. This is done manually today and ties up staff for many weeks, if not months, depending on the size of the survey and availability of human resources post-survey.

    Our machine learning-powered solution to this significant issue provides a rapid, automated approach to remove false triggers. This will eliminate greater than 90% of empty images and allow your staff to focus on the identification of the key species present, so they can focus on the science rather than empty images.

    Mala ML is a one-stop shop for camera trap image processing. It brings together the latest machine learning algorithms to sort through images, analyse the results and manage the data in one neat package.