More Information

    Graph.Direct is the creation of a group of like-minded individuals seeking to simplify complexity, bring the best minds to solve world problems and realise the virtual and hyper realities they have dreamed of for years.

    Our core platform is a Hypergraph AI. In some ways it is like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book – it can be experienced as a story – but it actually contains many potential and viable insight futures. The important difference is that as it learns more, is aware of more – across the breadth of time and from depth of analysis of observation – it will continuously offering you better informed, relevant options for your future.

    We use our Hypergraph to create data models, including Digital Twins with more dimensions of information than your organisations reality – enriching and enhancing with insights and analysis – both human and AI derived, IoT measurements, additional data sets and semantic knowledge graphs. Our hypergraph is continuously evolving toward knowing all knowledge relevant to our customers for effective, contextually informed decision making.

    The purpose of our Platform is to know more than your organisation knows about what matters to you, and to make that knowledge meaningful and useful for your decisions.