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    Precision solutions driven by AI. VeracityAI provides professional services, product developments and prototyping.

    VeracityAI is dedicated to the commercial application of Data Science and AI, we need to constantly evolve based on the advancements of the technology, the explosion of data, and the demands of our clients. Our focus is to develop a skill center related to Machine Learning and Cognitive AI applications.

    Core Services Offered • Assist organizations innovate through the application of data science and AI. • Partner for you on the realization of ideas, from inception to prototyping and commercialization. • Help improve the value and utility of your data. • Guide you to better strategic decisions through data driven insights.

    Innovation Centre – Our AI innovation center provides a fast track approach to take your machine learning and AI based ideas from concept to prototype/MVP. We are currently working with multiple partners on prototypes and MVPs in the areas of Insurance Technology, Gaming, Financial Markets and cognitive linguistic applications. The current operational models are driven by partnerships as well as services engagements where Veracity provides the technical resources and product/prototype development.