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    Hey you! Yeah, you. Given up on commercial cleaners already? Maybe that is because they are stuck in the 90s—playing Snake on their Nokia while they should be scrubbing? Enter Spruces! :evergreen_tree: We’re the “Uber of Clean,” baby, and we’re revolutionizing the mop-and-bucket scene!Our tech’s so advanced, even Elon’s taking notes. One click and BAM!—an instant quote that won’t make you faint. Need to book and pay? Forget two weeks of endless emails and phone tag; we’ll get you sorted faster than you can say “Who spilled coffee on the carpet, Karen?”And our cleaning partners? Not only are they backed with a 007-level tech suite for unparalleled quality and safety, but they also enjoy better pay than James Bond’s personal bartender. That’s right, 20% more than those Uber Eats cyclists dodging traffic. :man-biking:Whether you’re a small startup or a mega-corporation, we’ve got the cleaning muscle you need. We’re already BFFs with cool cats like Hi Smile, Balter, and mXstores.So next time you need a clean that actually makes your place sparkle, remember: Don’t just clean, Spruces it up! Check us out on your phone, where we’re just a swipe away from making your place look like a palace. :european_castle:Tech industry said: “Love the efficiency. Finally, someone’s disrupted cleaning!”Retailers are saying: “Stoked about the brand partnerships. Our shops have never been cleaner!”Reviews from the guys in finance: “The ROI on a clean office is real. All in on Spruces!”So go ahead, swipe right on clean. Swipe right on Spruces! :sunglasses: