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Sizztech predicts the future of cities. We are the developers of Forecaz, an automated tool that reliably performs urban growth modelling and predictive demographical forecasting. Utilising artificial intelligence and spatial services, Forecaz delivers the ability to geospatially view urban growth and the resulting demand on infrastructure networks and services, such as transport, electricity, water and sewerage. Forecaz is a proven SaaS technology platform that allows organisations to analyse the impacts of current and alternative land use zoning and evaluate their effects on urban development into the future.

Over the last ten years, Sizztech has been successfully implementing urban growth models and providing ongoing services to support these models. We have established long-term collaborative relationships with our customers, helping them solve complex urban design and growth challenges using big data and artificial intelligence.  This collaboration has resulted in Sizztech being involved in the successful implementation of urban growth models for over 15 Local Government Areas.  Our customers include Unitywater, Urban Utilities, Toowoomba Regional Council, and the City of Gold Coast.