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Business Description: SmartAIConnect offers a cutting-edge Software as a Service (SaaS) solution featuring a distributed framework tailored for video AI model management, fortified data security and delivery, and the capability to execute AI models independently or with a Video Management System (VMS). Teaming up with CCTV camera manufacturer i-PRO, SmartAIConnect extends its proficiency to oversee i-PRO AI models and third-party AI applications on i-PRO security AI cameras. i-PRO presents a diverse array of integrated AI models within their latest AI camera releases, all of which SmartAIConnect seamlessly incorporates into an all-encompassing solution for administering AI platforms and systems.

The hallmark of SmartAIConnect lies in its Responsible AI Framework, strategically designed to bridge the gap and expedite the smooth deployment of AI models at the edge. This is underpinned by a robust infrastructure of security measures, comprehensive audit trails, and governance protocols, instilling confidence in organisations to harness Edge AI’s potential.

Furthermore, the SmartAIConnect Responsible AI framework streamlines the management of IP camera networks. It establishes a new standard for mitigating risks and addressing the ethical considerations of AI implementation. By prioritising responsibility and accountability, SmartAIConnect revolutionises the landscape of AI integration, ensuring a forward-looking and ethically sound approach to this transformative technology.