The Queensland tech company leading the way in Drone Autonomy and LiDAR Mapping

The Queensland tech company leading the way in Drone Autonomy and LiDAR Mapping

Drone Autonomy, LiDAR Mapping and Data Analytics

Brisbane-based company Emesent was founded in October 2018, and has since become a trailblazer in the underground mining industry. With 154 employees, the company offers a range of innovative products that utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML) to help navigate unmanned systems, using simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and identifying specific shapes for automation. Emesent’s unique offering in the industry is a combination of 3D scanning with autonomy. This allows for more accurate and precise data collection, particularly in hazardous and challenging environments. Emesent’s products and services have already impacted the underground mining industry, with over 400 systems in use globally, revolutionizing workflows across a number of countries. Global Head of Defence & Security, Dean Dickson says the company is combining advanced robotics, machine learning, and AI to build autonomous systems that will radically improve operational safety and efficiency. 
“The future development of a fully automated ecosystem delivering data analytics to a single operator via a 4D visualisation platform will be instrumental in increasing efficiencies and ensuring people are removed from hazardous environments”. 
Emesent’s focus on AIML will play a crucial role in the future of automation. The technology is expected to deliver more insightful data, providing greater value to customers. The company’s growth from seven employees in late 2018 to 154 in 2022, with the release of five new product offerings in 2022, is a testament to the potential of the technology. 
Emesent’s success lies in its ability to leverage AIML and its unique combination of 3D scanning and autonomy to develop cutting-edge products and services. The company’s focus on automation will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the industry, as more businesses recognize the benefits of utilizing AIML for their operations. Emesent is leading the way in this space, and it will be interesting to see how the company continues to innovate in the coming years. 
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Changing the Medical Landscape with AI 

Launched in late 2020, Datarwe connects hospitals, researchers, clinicians, and developers with curated enriched data through their Clinical Data Nexus (CDN). 

Imagine a comprehensive data library of cleansed, labelled, and validated real-world clinical data. Data you can sort through and make sense of using artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML). Whether you’re working on an innovation or researching how to best launch a new product into the wider community, this data can assist you in making informed choices on a whole other level.  

The above is exactly what Datarwe provides you with through their CDN.  

While using AIML in medicine and science is nothing new, Datarwe is the first company in the world to host de-identified patient data from Queensland Health, totalising more than 13M+ episode hours with the inclusion of international available data sets.  

The CDN is furthermore the first multimodal data platform designed to capture, process and generate actionable insights from medical data to reduce the translation gap between clinical research implementation and healthcare outcomes.  

The team is united by the challenge of revolutionising medicine through enhanced real world clinical data access. They are working together with the healthcare industry to increase the adoption of medical AI innovation to the patient bedside and beyond. 

CEO Steve Woodyatt says, “We engage with clinicians, healthcare system operators and executives, researchers, AI/ML developers and the med-tech and pharma community. By working together in the CDN collaborative environment, our partners achieve far greater technology and performance outcomes more quickly and cost-effectively than would be possible if undertaking those same activities in isolation.”  

CTO Kelvin Ross adds, “The CDN enables clinicians and medical researchers to more rapidly collaborate in the development of next generation AI clinical diagnostic tools and technologies.” 

What fuels the team isn’t just a desire to provide a solution that helps the healthcare industry cut costs and improve efficiency. The real inspiration is patient care according to Woodyatt, “By combining de-identified patient data with advanced analytics, the CDN is giving [users] the capability to make evidence-based changes in their healthcare practices, driving better outcomes at the individual patient level. Overall, the CDN is working to achieve personalised medicine.” 

Woodyatt, when asked about the future of AIML said, “The future is already here.” However, he also mentioned that, “The future of healthcare is in AI and ML tools to unlock novel insights from complex patient data and create advanced accurate clinical decision support.“  

It certainly seems that Datarwe is going to be part of that future. Having launched as recently as 2020, the company already has 24 employees spread out across Australia and WA. 

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Introducing the Launch AI 2023 Cohort

Introducing the Launch AI 2023 Cohort


After an overwhelming amount of applications, the Queensland AI Hub is proud to announce the 10 startups that have been selected for the Launch AI cohort for 2023.

Launch AI is the Queensland AI Hub’s new pre-accelerator for early-stage startups, with participants completing 4 fortnightly workshops with topics such as;

  • Customer Discovery and Validation
  • AI Discovery and Execution
  • Launching their MVP
  • Pitch Prep and Capital Raising

This pre-accelerator program will finish with a demo night at The Precinct. Register for Demo Night tickets here.



VisionHQ – Robin Lin [Founder]

Robin Lin is the founder and CEO of Fleetway and Vision HQ, software companies that focus on providing IoT solutions that connect camera vision primarily on waste trucks. After Fleetway’s success, it was opportune to look further into AI/smart solutions and smart cities, thus Vision HQ was created.

DefenceX – Ross Newman [Founder]

Ross is a seasoned embedded developer with over 30 years of experience working in the telecoms and defence industries. In recent years, Ross has founded an SME called DefenceX, which specializes in supporting the software development of military ground vehicles. His passion for innovation and commitment to excellence make him an exceptional leader and an invaluable asset to the defence industry.

Rivers of Babel – Leo Lloyd [Founder]

Rivers of Babel comes from a need of learning languages with ease, after being a part of many multicultural communities. Leo is a Mechanical Engineer and has experience in translating, full-stack software engineering and artificial intelligence.

Netix – Matthew Lee [Founder]

Matthew is a Data Scientist with 6 years of experience in building AI applications. He has worked with many AI Startups such as, SmartAIConnect, Datawre and more, building medical and vision AI systems. As a part of Launch AI, Matthew hopes to take his research in interpretability and use it to productionise AI analysis of brain MRIs. – Jegar Pitchforth and Jac Davis [Co-founders]

Dr. Jegar Pitchforth is a Data Scientist, combining complex digital sources and analysing them using statistical modelling to provide actionable business insights. Now Jegar brings that experience to developing products that apply statistics to a range of markets to help businesses in all industries get the most out of their data.

Dr. Jac Davis is a behavioural Data Scientist studying how humans interact with their environment. Jac has developed a set of scientific and statistical methods that she has used to study human behaviour in a wide range of environments around the world. Now Jac brings her scientific and statistical methods to the study of how humans interact with commercial environments, seeing the market as another type of complex ecological system.

Fantasy Faces – Rees Pawson [Founder]

Rees is fasinated by the intersection of user and techology. He is focusing on the problems that people are having and is realising the true value of AI. Fantasy Faces helps players of tabletop role playing games, such as, Dungeons and Dragons, create personal and exciting characters through custom artworks and character backstories with the support of AI systems.


Bidhive – Nyree McKenzie and Aaron Goode [Founders]

As the co-founder and CEO of bid management software platform Bidhive, Nyree is on a mission to digitise procurement bidding using best practice frameworks and AI-enabled tools to make the process more efficient, less costly and more effective for predicting win probability.  

Drawing upon his industrial design skills, Aaron works on business process mapping, product design and UI for the Bidhive platform.  aron brings a strong understanding of corporate governance and compliance reporting requirements, which are key considerations to incorporate into the Bidhive platform.


EasyAI Studio – Yupin Detkoboot and Mike McMahon [Founders]

Yupin is the co-founder and CEO of Easy AI Studio, a startup that streamlines the video content creation process for businesses. Born and raised in Thailand, Yupin learned to code in Python during the COVID pandemic when her catering job was shut down. 

Mike is the co-founder and CTO of Easy AI Studio. With over 10 years of experience in online marketing, Mike is focused on making the power of generative AI accessible and easy. He believes that AI is a game-changing productivity tool and is excited to help businesses harness its potential for success.

AskFelix – Thor Berg [Founder]

Meet Thor Berg, the COO/CCO of AskFelix! Originally from Sweden, he now calls Brisbane his second home. With a Bachelor of Business Management from The University of Queensland and a Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Lund University, Thor has a passion for data and analytics and wants to revolutionize the way organizations utilize it. 

Koverd – Alok Nabi [Founder]

Alok is the co-founder and CTO of Koverd, an insurtech startup that is revolutionizing the way customers interact with insurance. He has over 10 years of experience as an engineer and a technology leader. Alok is passionate about building scalable and elastic solutions that solve real-world problems and create value for users.


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VALD Performance

VALD Performance

VALD Performance – Revolutionising the Use of AIML for Training Athletes and Rehabilitating Patients After Injury

VALD uses the largest sports science data set in the world together with unique devices that measure movement and musculoskeletal functioning to offer unparalleled insight into human movement, performance, injury risk, and rehabilitation. 

Newstead-based company VALD was established in 2016 and now has 180 employees worldwide—going from only 50 in Australia in 2020.  

VALD’s innovative human measurement technologies are used by over 1,000 of the world’s most elite sporting teams (NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.), clinics, universities, hospitals and defence departments. Driven by a multidisciplinary team of researchers, clinicians, sports scientists, designers, developers and engineers, VALD continues to innovate products and grow their customer base.  

VALD has designed a number of devices that measure strength and stability, such as their NordBord hamstring testing system and the ForceFrame strength testing system (testing upper body strength and stability).  

These devices give trainers, coaches, and physiotherapists the ability to get an accurate view of the athlete. What’s more, the VALDHub allows you to gather the data in one place and visualise the results instantly. You can analyse how a person or team is performing against set metrics and measure their progress, or lack thereof.  

VALD now also offers an exercise prescription app, TeleHab, that professionals can use to set exercises for athletes and patients and track whether they stick with the program, or not.  

In addition, VALD has developed the HumanTrak Movement Analysis System.  

HumanTrak uses a 3D camera together with movement sensors to create a 3D image of the athlete’s or patient’s body. It offers a real-time movement assessment that can help professionals tailor-make training and rehabilitation programs and set measurable objectives.  

With HumanTrak instant reports can be created and printed, allowing the athlete or patient to follow along in their journey and buy into the goals set out for them.  

In comparison, other companies use one or two pieces of equipment and can only measure one component of musculoskeletal health (e.g. strength).  

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AIML), plays a big role in what VALD does. It’s thanks to AIML VALD is able to generate normative datasets for their end users and identify anomalous tests recorded by their clients. AIML is also used in computer vision to track how people move. AIML has streamlined their data science processes and allowed them to move into the world of portable motion capture using a phone—predicting an individual’s likelihood of success in rehabilitation based on minimal data. 

As they move forward, their ability to generate insights from data will continue to improve thanks to AIML. What’s more, their ability to predict health outcomes from minimal data will get better and better.  

According to Product Lead Gavin Lenton, “We are excited to provide smaller and more portable product solutions for our clients to measure musculoskeletal function. We are also excited to generate meaningful insights from our large data sets that help practitioners make decisions about how to manage their patients.” 

That VALD is having an impact in the field of sports and medicine is clear. Since VALD launched its handheld dynamometer product, DynaMo, in March 2022 sales have been booming. Currently, more than 600 units have been sold and this number continues to grow. Across all of VALD’s products, over 8 million unique tests have been recorded.  

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Queensland AI Hub announces 2023 Advisory Committee Members

The QLD AI Hub is thrilled to announce the newest members of the advisory committee for 2023. The committee will contribute and further the work of the Queensland AI Hub across the state. 

The new members represent a broad range of major industries, including:

  • Tech
  • Education
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Defense
  • Transit
  • Travel
  • Government

Together the Queensland AI Hub Advisory Committee will further the Queensland AI Hub’s mission to connect, promote and grow the capability of artificial intelligence across Queensland. 


 Michael Tremeer

Michael is a Brisbane-based data and machine learning professional. He is deeply involved in the Brisbane AI community by running MeetUp groups and delivering multiple AI training courses. 


Troy Latter 

Troy is well versed in forming alliances and providing though leadership to a wide range of industries across the world. He is instrumental in creating solutions that modernise, distrupt and propel the organisations that he serves, to do more for their customers. 


Sanjana Tule 

Sanjana is a first-year PhD student at The University of Queensland at the School of Chemistry and Molecular BioSciences. She has extensive experience in Data Engineering and Data Science. Sanjana is also a volunteer at Omdena, a global AI based community. 


Michael Bruenig

Michael is a data innovation expert with over 20 years experience in research and development across industry, government and academia over three continents. He is currently the Head of School of the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at The University of Queensland. Michael also has interests in sensing, data analytics and robotics. 


Kerrie Mengersen

Kerrie is a Distinguished Professor of Statistics and Director of the Centre for Data Science at QUT. She is passionate about developing methods to break open data and reveal insights that can help address critical challenges in society. 


Jing Wang 

Jing has more than seven years of research and development experience in AI, machine learning and computer vision. After receiving his PhD, Jing is now a research scientist in the Queensland Government Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, focusing on finding AI opportunities and providing solutions to agriculture researchers and industry. 


Yan Yang 

Dr Yan Yang is a Software Engineering Lead at Phantom Works – Global for Machine Learning capabilities. Her work includes software engineering development to enable advanced algorithms in the field of computer vision, reinforcement learning, deep neural networks, statistical learning algorithms and pattern recognition. 


Tim Greenfield 

Tim is an experienced leader in developing complex technology solutions that build on a machine-learning core. He is currently the Data Science Manager at FloodMapp where he is leading a team that is developing a machine-learning based hydrologic forecast models that power the real-time flood extent maps of the company’s ForeCast product. Tim has pursued a career focused on solving challenging real-world engineering problems with digital technologies. 


Kellie King 

Kellie has more than 30 years professional experience in tech and is a distinguished thought leader in business and technology. She is the CEO of Business Improvement Consultants, a Queensland Based consultancy. Kellie is also the Women in IT 2022 “The Heart of Our Values” Award recipient. 


Glenn Neuber

Glenn is the CEO and Founder of MaxusAI, a Brisbane-based technology startup for VisualAI inspections, helping companies to unlock business value from their photos, videos and geospatial data. Glenn is also a QLD AI Hub expert-in-residence, contributing to the Hubs Office Hours program. 


Emma Liversidge 

Emma is the current General Manager of Analytics at RACQ. She has over 15 years of experience in establishing and evolving best-in-class capabilities that empower decision making and drive business performance. Emma is passionate about harnessing the power of people through insights. 


Samantha Horseman 

Samantha is a globally recognised inventor, innovator and entrepreneur and is currently the Innovation Facilitator and lead for the JCU Founders-In-Residence Portfolios for James Cook University, Cairns. 


Brent Richards

Brent is well known at the Hub, with his contributions of time to mentoring and participating in the Office Hours Program. Brent is the Medical Director of Innovation and the Director of Critical Care Research at Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service, and Adjunct Professor at Griffith University. He is also working collaboratively with Universities, Government and Industry to unlock the positive disruptive potential that AI can bring to Healthcare, iteratively improving both patient and system outcomes. 


New Queensland AI Hub Regional Chapter Directors Announced

New Queensland AI Hub Regional Chapter Directors Announced

The QLD AI Hub is thrilled to announce the newly appointed Chapter Directors, who will be participating in the state-wide Queensland AI Hub Chapters program. The Chapters will aim to connect existing communities across Queensland, with a focus on promoting and supporting AI/ML products, programs and events in regional centres.

The four Queensland Chapter Directors hail from:

  • Toowoomba
  • Bundaberg
  • Cairns
  • Mackay

In Toowoomba, Chris Mills is using effective applications of advanced digital technologies to maximise the potential of Queensland businesses through his company Strategenics.

In Bundaberg, Brooke Fossey is the Executive Manager of Regional Business HQ and had extensive experience in Business Planning, Corporate Communications and Stakeholder Relations.

Cairns will be headed up by Dr Samantha Horseman and Raiyan Talkhani. Dr Horseman has returned to Australia after an impressive two-decade career at Aramco. She is a globally recognised inventor, innovator, and entrepreneur. Samantha is an Innovation Ecosystem developer and activator, which is reflected in her current role with James Cook University in the Founders-in-Residence Portfolios.

Raiyan is an AI enthusiast who has contributed to 5 AI projects in two different countries. Raiyan is looking to progress in the field of AI, and his goal is to make AI products less intimidating for people who wish to explore the potential of new technologies. With his network as a member of JCU’s Founders-in-Residence program, Raiyan is currently working with researchers and local labs towards finding ways in which AI can be implemented in their systems.

Gavan Porter, in Mackay, is a current sitting member of the Split Spaces Board, a nest for new ideas and innovation, and is running his own business.

Building an open and collaborative AI community is central to the Queensland AI Hub’s mission, with the support of the Queensland AI Chapter Directors, this goal will be achieved state-wide.

For more information on how to contact your Chapter Director or set up your own Chapter, please see our Queensland Chapter page.