QLD AI Trailblazers

QLD AI Trailblazers

Three QLD Companies Advance in Australia’s AI Sprint 

The Queensland AI Hub are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable achievements of three pioneering Queensland AI companies—Defining Future Solutions, Ecoence, and VisionHQ—who have successfully progressed to stage two of Australia’s AI Sprint.

This prestigious program is a collaboration between the National AI Centre (through CSIRO), Stone & Chalk, and Google Cloud, aimed at transforming innovative AI technology into sustainable businesses.

The three Queensland companies are:

Defining Future Solutions: Revolutionizing Safety with AI

Founded by David Small, Defining Future Solutions is making significant strides in enhancing safety through their AI-integrated downlight and smoke alarm system. David’s motivation stems from the tragic house fire in Logan in 2011 that claimed 11 lives. Their mission is clear: save lives through advanced AI technology. By participating in the AI Sprint, Defining Future Solutions will receive invaluable support from Google Cloud AI experts and deeper AI training to further their humanitarian mission.

Ecoence: Securing the Future of Saffron Cultivation

Ecoence, an innovative spin-off from Saffronice, is set to transform the saffron industry using AI and machine learning. After six years of rigorous market research and development, Ecoence has developed a diverse traceability system that employs blockchain to ensure the authenticity of saffron. Their AI-driven approach promises to stabilize and bring transparency to the saffron market, creating jobs and fostering economic growth. The AI Sprint will provide Ecoence with critical business mentoring, including go-to-market strategies and PR, positioning Australia as a leader in saffron production.

VisionHQ: Enhancing Airport Operations with AI

Brisbane-based VisionHQ is an emerging leader in AI and computer vision, focusing on real-time data analytics for airport operations. Their aircraft turnaround management system uses cutting-edge AI to analyse key metrics in ground handling, offering airport users rich insights to improve decision-making and predict potential delays. This innovation aims to enhance operational efficiency, safety, and passenger experience, while reducing costs and delays. VisionHQ’s advancement to stage two of the AI Sprint will offer them access to investor and corporate partner networks, crucial for bringing their solution to market.

As part of the AI Sprint’s second stage, these companies will receive comprehensive support, including:

  • Mentorship from Google Cloud AI experts
  • Advanced AI training
  • Business mentoring and guidance on go-to-market strategies
  • Networking opportunities with investors and corporate partners
  • A platform to showcase their solutions at the Demo Day

The Queensland AI Hub are immensely proud of Defining Future Solutions, Ecoence, and VisionHQ. Their achievements reflect the growing strength and global competitiveness of Queensland’s AI community. We look forward to supporting their journeys and witnessing the positive impact they will make in their respective fields.

Congratulations to all founders for their exceptional progress and for setting an inspiring example for the entire AI community in Queensland and beyond. Keep innovating, and together, let’s continue to make Queensland a beacon of AI excellence.

For more information about how the Queensland AI Hub supports AI initiatives, visit our website www.qldaihub.com or contact us at info@qldaihub.com

About Queensland AI Hub

Queensland AI Hub is dedicated to connecting and nurturing the AI community in Queensland. We aim to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth to ensure our local AI companies are globally competitive. Join us in our mission to propel Queensland to the forefront of AI technology.

An AI Human Resources CoPilot startup launches off the back of Qld AI Hub program

An AI Human Resources CoPilot startup launches off the back of Qld AI Hub program

An artificial intelligence (AI) Human Resources CoPilot startup founded by  workforce advisory expert launches off the back of the Queensland AI Hub Launch AI pre accelerator program. 

Advancer.ai, founded by HR leader and innovator Ceri Jury, is using AI to tackle HR advice.

She conceived the idea for the startup after realising that most businesses are struggling to quickly answer HR questions or trying to internally solve difficult people matters via outdated advice, processes and documents.

The resulting AI platform is trained on the Fair Work Act (2009) and her 25 years of HR experience, documents and information, with the platform already being used by half a dozen Australian SMEs.

Advancer.ai is additionally tackling a shift in the HR industry where businesses are looking to drive down their HR advisory and platform costs with a move to AI and human advisors on fixed fee monthly rates being the answer.

Jury said clients are sick of waiting for HR advisors to engage and then having to pay huge hourly rates for general HR advice, while also looking to improve their margins, with artificial intelligence for instant HR advice and feedback the solution.

She adds that her journey from HR professional to tech innovator exemplifies the power of patient leadership in fostering innovation, especially when using AI.

“I’ve had the AI CoPilot idea for 5 years and we have been waiting for the right technology to arrive. Leadership in technology and HR is about bringing varied operational and technology perspectives and redefining how HR advisory services are priced and delivered,” she said.

Her co-director husband, general partner of VC firm Sprint Ventures, Llew Jury, said using AI for productivity gains is now ubiquitous in most fast growing organisations and HR is one of the last sectors to truly embrace it.

In less than two years he believes that HR advice and managing teams will be predominantly AI-generated with human advisors assisting on the more difficult and sensitive people and workforce matters.”

“The businesses that stay at the forefront of how AI and HR advice work together will win, as people are the most important asset in any organisation” he said.

Ceri said “Advancer.ai is supporting and helping HR advisors to win more work, earn additional income and deliver faster HR advice to their clients.”

“We have opened our initial capital raise to drive accelerated venture backable growth off the back of our recent launch. Our fundraising will be a significant milestone for female-led AI start-ups in the HR industry who are still underfunded,” she said.

Advancer.ai has recently participated in the Queensland AI Hub Launch AI pre accelerator program to accelerate growth. 

Queensland AI Hub Launch AI Director Dren Xërxa said Ceri Jury brings an impressive mix of startup and HR expertise as a former Head of People and Culture for large organisations.

“Her deep links to the HR and startup sectors puts  Advancer.ai in great position to grow in both SMEs and enterprises, and build technology that businesses can use within minutes,” he said.


Contact: Ceri Jury – Founder and CEO

E: ceri@advancer.ai

W: advancer.ai  

Queensland Small Business Month Delivers AI Education Across Regional Queensland

Queensland Small Business Month Delivers AI Education Across Regional Queensland

Brisbane, Australia – April 8,2024

The Queensland AI Hub has teamed up with the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training to advance the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) across regional Queensland. The partnership will empower small businesses across the state by delivering a suite of AI education events in regional locations during Small Business Month in May.

With a shared vision to harness the transformative potential of AI, the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training and Queensland AI Hub Regional Chapters have curated the events to educate, inspire, and equip small business leaders with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in the digital age.

CEO of Queensland AI Hub, Ms. Toni Peggrem, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating:

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training to drive AI adoption across our Regional Chapters in Queensland. This partnership underscores our commitment to upskilling all Queenslanders with AI education and empowering businesses across all industry sectors to leverage this transformative technology for growth and innovation.”

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals will have the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge AI applications, including data analytics, machine learning, and automation, during the events hosted by Queensland AI Hub Chapter Directors throughout the month of May.

Queensland AI Hub Chapter Directors play a key role in the Queensland AI Hub’s strategy, ensuring that there is a diverse array of educational events and opportunities provided across the state. These events  will cover a wide spectrum of AI-related topics tailored to meet the needs and interests of small business owners and entrepreneurs within that specific region.

Find Your Closest Event:

Location: Bundaberg
Topic: Unlocking AI for Small Businesses
Date: May 16 @ 9AM

Location: Mackay
Topic: Tech and AI Innovation Networking Event
Date: May 16 @ 3PM

Location: Townsville
Topic: Ethics and Artificial Intelligence
Date: May 16 @ 5PM

Location: Toowoomba
Topic: Tech and AI Innovation Networking Event
Date: May 22 @ 4:30PM

Location: Cairns
Topic: Gen AI and the Future Workforce
Date: May 23 @ 4:30PM

For inquiries or further questions, please contact info@qldaihub.com

For information, resources and more events celebrating Queensland Small Business Month, visit business.qld.gov.au/qsbm


Website: www.qldaihub.com
Contact: info@qldaihub.com

About Queensland AI Hub:

The Queensland Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hub is a $5 million investment under the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative. The AI Hub supports Queensland’s innovation sector, businesses and startups through education, programs and bringing world-leaders in AI to Queensland as experts-in-residence.

The AI Hub is managed by the AI Consortium and located at the Queensland Government’s innovation and investment hub known as The Precinct in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

For more information about Queensland AI Hub and its transformative initiatives, visit www.qldaihub.com

UniSQ Thought Leadership Series unlocks ‘How AI is Changing the World’

UniSQ Thought Leadership Series unlocks ‘How AI is Changing the World’

Brisbane, Australia – April 5, 2024

Artificial intelligence has come a long way since the far-off imaginings of the Terminator movies of the 80s.

AI has infiltrated almost every aspect of our daily lives – from healthcare and business to education, entertainment, agriculture and more – and it shows no signs of slowing down.

But rather than following the footsteps of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character into a battle against the machines, how can we learn to work with and alongside the technology available to us?

To explore this question, the University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ) will host a panel of leading AI experts in its next Thought Leadership Series event, How AI is Changing the World.

The panel discussion will be moderated by UniSQ Associate Professor in Electronics and Communications Engineering Andrew Maxwell, who said he was most excited by AI’s potential combination with robotics.

“What this pairing means is that AI can not only think inside its own little box, but it can now interact with the world, and consequently, interact with us,” Associate Professor Maxwell said.

“Rather than being computer or desktop-bound, I am really looking forward to finally having real walking, talking robots, rather than the fantasies of those stuck in movies.”

Associate Professor Maxwell said those walking, talking robots could become our biggest household helpers.

“Having an AI assistant in the home to help the family with house duties and schoolwork is surely the dream of any parent. That little bit of extra help (a happy HAL 9000) would make a huge difference to the opportunities for households,” he said.

The UniSQ Thought Leadership Series event will discuss how AI technologies are unlocking new possibilities for innovation, driving productivity, and addressing complex challenges while also creating new ethical and safety issues.

The expert panel will include a selection of UniSQ academics, as well as representatives from Deloitte, Future Work Group, and private AI companies leading the way in the field.

Panellist Toni Peggrem, CEO of the Queensland AI Hub, said she was most excited by the versatility of AI and its applications in Queensland and beyond.

“One of the most exciting aspects of AI advancement in recent years is its incredible versatility, adaptability, and the speed at which it is advancing,” Ms Peggrem said.

“We’re witnessing AI algorithms and tools being integrated into almost all industry sectors in Queensland, from healthcare to agriculture, revolutionising how we approach problem-solving and innovation.

“What excites me the most about the future of AI, not only here in Queensland but globally, is its potential to drive positive societal impact.”

Fellow panellist Aaron Zamykal, founder and CEO of Actualisation, one of Australia’s largest privately owned AI firms, said with all those developments and advancements, it was essential for companies to embrace AI regulations.

“Responsible AI and how companies build these solutions is critically important. Ultimately, AI is a reflection of a human – good or bad. So, we need to have guardrails in place to ensure the outputs are overall good,” Mr Zamykal said.

“My priority is designing, training, and deploying AI solutions that achieve the goal while being safe and good for humanity.”

Associate Professor Maxwell agreed it was crucial to consider the other significant hurdles ahead: human acceptance, legal ramifications, and complex ethical considerations.

“Ethics will be the biggest priority for future AI; the big question will be how to install non-mutable ethics into our machines to prevent them from becoming monsters,” he said.

The panellists include:

  • Associate Professor Andrew Maxwell – Electronics and Communications Engineering, UniSQ    
  • Dr Kellie Nuttall – AI Institute Leader, Deloitte          
  • Dr Sue Keay – Director of the Future Work Group   
  • Aaron Zamykal – CEO of Actualisation         
  • Toni Peggrem – CEO of the Queensland AI Hub     
  • Professor Catherine Prentice – Marketing, UniSQ   
  • Professor Rajib Rana – Computer Science, UniSQ 

The University of Southern Queensland’s Thought Leadership event, How AI is Changing the World, will be held on Thursday April 18 from 5.30pm at UniSQ Brisbane (293 Queen Street, Brisbane).

Find out more or register your attendance for the Thought Leadership Series event.


Caption: UniSQ School of Engineering Associate Professor Andrew Maxwell will moderate the Thought Leadership Series discussion on AI.

Media contact:
Sophie Volker, Email: sophie.volker@unisq.edu.au; Phone: 0431 579 370

Chris Walker, Email: chris.walker@usq.edu.au; Phone: 0473 578 214        

KJR x QLD AI Hub Announce New C-Suite Executive Workshop for Trustworthy AI Deployment

KJR x QLD AI Hub Announce New C-Suite Executive Workshop for Trustworthy AI Deployment

Brisbane, Australia – April 2,2024

KJR, a pioneering Australian Software Quality Engineering Consultancy, in collaboration with the Queensland AI Hub, today announces a new executive workshop that will equip business leaders with the necessary insights to responsibly deploy and govern AI applications within their organisations.

Taking place at The Precinct in Brisbane, this two-hour workshop will blend theoretical understanding with practical insights, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of deploying and managing AI systems ethically and responsibly.

“Trustworthy AI is not just a buzzword; it’s an essential aspect of modern business operations,” remarked Dr Kelvin Ross, Chairman of KJR. “This workshop is meticulously crafted to empower C-suite executives with the knowledge and tools required to navigate the complex landscape of AI deployment and governance effectively” said Dr Ross.

The workshop curriculum includes sessions on the Principles of Trustworthy AI, Strategies for AI Deployment, Governance of AI Applications, and an Open Discussion and Q&A segment, enabling participants to engage directly with industry experts.

Key Information:

  • Face-to-Face Workshop
  • 2-hours duration
  • Date: May 1st, 10am – 12pm
  • Price: $200 + GST
  • Exclusive to C-Suite Executives
  • Limited to 20 spaces

The workshop features expert-led sessions, interactive discussions, networking opportunities and lunch, fostering collaborative learning and professional connections within the AI leadership community.

“We know that decision-makers who understand the strategic importance of AI deliver better outcomes for their organisation,” said Ms Toni Peggrem, CEO of the Queensland AI Hub. “This is a unique opportunity for executives to really gain actionable insights to take back to implement within their own businesses, while networking with peers who share a common interest in responsible AI deployment.”

Registration is now open, with only 20 seats available for this exclusive workshop. This workshop is expected to sell out, so interested individuals are encouraged to secure their tickets promptly to avoid missing out.

To apply for the executive workshop and for more information, click here.

For inquiries or further questions, please contact info@qldaihub.com


Website: www.qldaihub.com
Contact: info@qldaihub.com

About KJR:

KJR is an Australian Software Quality Engineering Consultancy with over 26 years of experience in quality assurance and verification. Specialising in Responsible AI implementation, KJR offers practical approaches to assuring compliant and successful deployments of AI solutions.

About Queensland AI Hub:

The Queensland Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hub is a $5 million investment under the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative. The AI Hub supports Queensland’s innovation sector, businesses and startups through education, programs and bringing world-leaders in AI to Queensland as experts-in-residence.

The AI Hub is managed by the AI Consortium and located at the Queensland Government’s innovation and investment hub known as The Precinct in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

For more information about Queensland AI Hub and its transformative initiatives, visit www.qldaihub.com

Qld AI Hub announces next generation of AI Startups with LaunchAI cohort

Qld AI Hub announces next generation of AI Startups with LaunchAI cohort

Brisbane, Australia – March 28,2024

Queensland AI Hub, the pioneering force behind fostering collaboration among businesses, government bodies, and research institutions to advance the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, proudly announces the successful startups for the second cohort of its LaunchAI pre-accelerator program.

After a competitive application process that garnered over 75 applications from across the state, the Qld AI Hub has curated a cohort of promising early-stage AI startups that are looking to make an impact within a range of industries.

Now in its second year, the LaunchAI pre-accelerator is designed to empower founders in discovering, activating, and launching AI products to market. Made up of 5 intensive workshops, personalised 1:1 mentoring, and coaching sessionns led by Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, AI experts and investors, the program provides participants with the necessary tools and guidance to transform innovative ideas into scalable ventures.

“We were blown away with the amount of interest this year with 75 applications submitted for the program. That’s 75 early-stage founders in Queensland that are ready to validate and accelerate new AI products to market. It’s interest like this that really shows how the Queensland AI Hub community has evolved over the past two years,” remarked Ms. Toni Peggrem, CEO of Queensland AI Hub.

“I’m thrilled to unveil the exceptional lineup of startups selected for the LaunchAI pre-accelerator program,” continued Ms. Peggrem. 

“These founders represent the vanguard of Queensland’s AI industry, and we are committed to supporting them with the resources, education and connections needed to catalyze their growth and success.”

The 11 successful participants of the LaunchAI pre-accelerator program are:

  • BeeSafe: BeeSafe is an innovative agtech solution that integrates AI and ML algorithms to monitor and protect the Australian honey bee population, utilising predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent potential threats to bee colonies and ensure the sustainability of the pollination industry.
  • Starbound Space Solutions: Leveraging AI and ML technologies, Starbound Space Solutions automates the generation and management of engineering compliance documentation for the space industry, streamlining processes and ensuring regulatory adherence with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.
  • Wise Racer: Wise Racer’s platform incorporates AI-powered coaching algorithms that analyse athletes’ performance data to provide personalised training plans and real-time feedback, optimising training sessions and enhancing competitive performance.
  • Superfly Wallpapers: Superfly Wallpapers utilises AI algorithms to interpret customer prompts and preferences, generating customised wide-format wallpapers and graphics with precision and efficiency, catering to individual tastes and design requirements.
  • NeuroFire: NeuroFire employs advanced AI and ML techniques to accelerate AI model training and inference processes while significantly reducing power consumption, enabling more efficient and sustainable AI deployment across various applications and industries.
  • NUVC: NUVC employs AI algorithms to analyse vast amounts of venture capital data, facilitating intelligent matchmaking between investors and founders based on compatibility and investment preferences, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the fundraising process.
  • ScriptoAI: ScriptoAI integrates natural language processing (NLP) and ML capabilities to automate report-writing tasks for allied health clinicians, extracting key insights from patient data and generating comprehensive, high-quality reports with minimal manual intervention.
  • Advancer.ai: Advancer.ai’s AI-powered human resources copilot utilises ML algorithms to provide tailored HR advice and recommendations, leveraging data-driven insights to assist businesses in navigating complex HR challenges and optimising workforce management strategies.
  • Soulbotix: Soulbotix’s human-like avatars are powered by advanced AI and natural language understanding (NLU) algorithms, enabling them to engage in lifelike conversations with users, respond to queries, and perform tasks with human-like intelligence and empathy.
  • Alpha Tales: Alpha Tales leverages AI and ML technologies to rapidly translate business ideas into high-quality software code, automating repetitive coding tasks and accelerating the software development lifecycle for SMEs and early-stage startups.
  • Notes+∞: Notes+∞ employs AI-driven algorithms to analyse and prioritise tasks, intelligently organising information and streamlining cognitive processes, allowing users to maximise productivity and focus on high-value activities.

Founder of Notes+∞ (Notes Plus Infinity), Mei Brough-Smyth, said she was over the moon to be accepted into the program and was looking forward to connecting with other founders and taking her product to the next level.

“I was absolutely floored when I heard I was accepted into LaunchAI. My app is so experimental and unlike anything consumer technology has seen before. I’m looking forward to being in a community of like-minded and passionate founders and mentors, in such an exciting and burgeoning field of technology, at this time in history“ – Brough-Smyth said.

The LaunchAI pre-accelerator program will culminate in a high-profile demo night at The Precinct, where startups will showcase their AI solutions to potential investors, VCs, and the broader innovation ecosystem.

For more information about Queensland AI Hub and its transformative initiatives, visit www.qldaihub.com.

Learn more about LaunchAI here.