An artificial intelligence (AI) Human Resources CoPilot startup founded by  workforce advisory expert launches off the back of the Queensland AI Hub Launch AI pre accelerator program., founded by HR leader and innovator Ceri Jury, is using AI to tackle HR advice.

She conceived the idea for the startup after realising that most businesses are struggling to quickly answer HR questions or trying to internally solve difficult people matters via outdated advice, processes and documents.

The resulting AI platform is trained on the Fair Work Act (2009) and her 25 years of HR experience, documents and information, with the platform already being used by half a dozen Australian SMEs. is additionally tackling a shift in the HR industry where businesses are looking to drive down their HR advisory and platform costs with a move to AI and human advisors on fixed fee monthly rates being the answer.

Jury said clients are sick of waiting for HR advisors to engage and then having to pay huge hourly rates for general HR advice, while also looking to improve their margins, with artificial intelligence for instant HR advice and feedback the solution.

She adds that her journey from HR professional to tech innovator exemplifies the power of patient leadership in fostering innovation, especially when using AI.

“I’ve had the AI CoPilot idea for 5 years and we have been waiting for the right technology to arrive. Leadership in technology and HR is about bringing varied operational and technology perspectives and redefining how HR advisory services are priced and delivered,” she said.

Her co-director husband, general partner of VC firm Sprint Ventures, Llew Jury, said using AI for productivity gains is now ubiquitous in most fast growing organisations and HR is one of the last sectors to truly embrace it.

In less than two years he believes that HR advice and managing teams will be predominantly AI-generated with human advisors assisting on the more difficult and sensitive people and workforce matters.”

“The businesses that stay at the forefront of how AI and HR advice work together will win, as people are the most important asset in any organisation” he said.

Ceri said “ is supporting and helping HR advisors to win more work, earn additional income and deliver faster HR advice to their clients.”

“We have opened our initial capital raise to drive accelerated venture backable growth off the back of our recent launch. Our fundraising will be a significant milestone for female-led AI start-ups in the HR industry who are still underfunded,” she said. has recently participated in the Queensland AI Hub Launch AI pre accelerator program to accelerate growth. 

Queensland AI Hub Launch AI Director Dren Xërxa said Ceri Jury brings an impressive mix of startup and HR expertise as a former Head of People and Culture for large organisations.

“Her deep links to the HR and startup sectors puts in great position to grow in both SMEs and enterprises, and build technology that businesses can use within minutes,” he said.


Contact: Ceri Jury – Founder and CEO