Freelance Robotics Innovates Agriculture and Advanced Manufacturing with Groundbreaking AI Technologies 

Redland Bay based robotics company, Freelance Robotics, is shaping the future of advanced manufacturing and agriculture with two trailblazing products, the Blue Dragon Framework and The Orion, a Mango Agri-Tech crop load estimator. 

Established in 2010, Freelance Robotics has been steadfast in its pursuit of innovative technology solutions. With a diverse team of just 16 employees, the company’s compact size belies its global ambitions and trailblazing innovation. 

Under the direction of Dr. Amanda White, General Manager, the company has recently launched the Blue Dragon Framework – the world’s first value-added retail system that automates fabrication, machining, and finishing jobs. This advanced system is designed to work with both industrial and collaborative robot arms, making it an all-rounder solution for businesses of varying scales. 

“The Blue Dragon Framework represents a pivotal moment for our company and for Australian advanced manufacturing,” says William Pagnon MEng(Mechatronics), CPEng, RPEQ, CEO of Freelance Robotics. He believes the revolutionary system will unlock opportunity for businesses worldwide. 

In the agricultural sector, Freelance Robotics is making waves with The Orion, a state-of-the-art Agri-Tech robotic system. The Orion mango crop estimator and auto harvester leverage advanced algorithms and vision technology to optimize resource allocation, improve yield predictions, and automate the process of picking ripe mangoes. 

Pagnon emphasized the close collaboration with industry partners in the development of these solutions, stating that “on-farm trials have been crucial in ensuring they meet the specific needs of mango growers.” 

AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) have been pivotal in the company’s innovative solutions, offering tools for automated decision-making, pattern recognition, and predictive analytics. The successful integration of AI/ML in their products underlines the company’s commitment to bridging the gap between research and commercialisation. 

Freelance Robotics stands out from its competitors through its commitment to customization, flexibility, and user-friendly design. They prioritize designing intuitive interfaces, enabling non-technical personnel to operate and interact with their robotic systems effectively. This human-centric approach has made them a trusted partner in the industry. 

However, as AI/ML continues to transform the business landscape, Freelance Robotics acknowledges the challenges it presents, such as data privacy and ethics, and emphasizes the importance of careful planning and robust data governance. 

On the company’s horizon is the strategic development of a new spin-off, Agricultural Robotics, set to debut in the market in 2025, following the success of their first spin-off, Industrial Robotics. 

In recognition of its innovative contributions, Freelance Robotics was recently awarded a matched funding $1.5 million Accelerating Commercialisation grant. The funds will support the commercialisation of the Orion fruit forecasting and auto harvester systems, a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to revolutionizing the agricultural sector. 

As the Tier One supplier for Universal Robots in Queensland, Freelance Robotics is undoubtedly a forerunner in the field, translating their passion for innovation into groundbreaking robotic solutions.  

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